So I was playing zelda and I noticed that the fairy that follows link around is a glow with wings. And that even when the light source changes color the glow around it does not. That’s not important but true. So I wanted to try a create a glow, but out of circles. So there would be many many circles around many other circles that would gradually change from dark and tightly packed to light and spread out. I would also like to see what changes my glow would have if I used different shapes. It would be something like a Georges Seurat but not as complex.

After thinking about this and how much math it could involve I thought it would be better to have the circle draw themselves. So I thought about breeding circles. I would create two circles at random and breed them creating four children. I would then take two of their children and breed them and so on. This should create and interesting path of circle that seem random but is actually following a somewhat logical path. If you were to pick a circle you should be able to find it’s children and parents.


~ by Diana on February 12, 2008.

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