I dont think im uploading this right…

I tried sticking my project onto the web but its not viewing…maybe because i just copied someones page source and replaced their project with mine. But its still not viewing:

The code shows up but the project doesnt. What am i doing wrong? Or rather…how do i upload my sketch correctly?

Also, this is a partial code from my project:


im trying to put this onto this bit here:


as you can see i tried making it a new function and calling it in void setup() but apparently its not showing. Only thing it shows is the sphere ='(

Anyone have any clues as to why its not showing in either case?

Thank you.


~ by christineg on February 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “I dont think im uploading this right…”

  1. First the 2nd question –

    Try looking at the xaxis and yaxis values for the call text(letter,xaxis,yaxis) with a println. Eg add println(xaxis + ” ” + yaxis); You x and y values are way off the screen (in the tens of thousands).

    As for the first question – You should have to edit any html yourself. Just use processing export command (under the “File” menu).


  2. well, I am looking at your web directory, and it doesn’t look like you uploaded the export folder. There is no need to copy anyones page source, since processing makes the html file, and all the necessary parts. So, please review the export process either from the processing web site or the book. You just export from processing, and it makes the a new folder with all the needed parts, including the html file. You then upload the whole folder, and link to the new html page. I think you just uploaded your .pde (processing) file, which won’t work.

    I’m not sure about the second problem you are mentioning… I will need to talk a look at the code….


  3. umm… my computer starts freezing when the processing file opens…

  4. I have the same export problem. I copied the folder’s contents. Do I have to keep the it in the folder? I renamed the html, would that have messed things up?

  5. So my problem was I had a save in my file. Once I removed it, it worked fine.

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