I think I went off on a tangent…

…but I suppose that’s part of the creative process. So here’s a new variation I came up with after a bit of experimenting with the type of fractal I am interested in using. Eitan and I talked about how the Mandelbrot Set (the original fractal I was using) is very well-known, and how it might be nice to experiment with creating one of my own.

Well, try as I might, I couldn’t come up with one that did anything for me visually, so I found a happy medium. I’ve started toying with a new set called the Julia Set, which is actually constructed in a very similar manner as the Mandelbrot Set, but which churns out wildly different results depending on what you use for your parameters. Below are a few examples:

Julia Set (standard variation)   Julia Set (Snowflake Variation)   Julia Set (Neuron Variation)

So now I’m struggling: do I stick to my original intention and show the progression of a single variation as the algorithm iterates (along the lines of gestation), or do I vary the constant and examine how a single process, when varied ever-so-slightly, can produce really different creatures (more closely related to an evolutionary idea)?




~ by Jordan on February 20, 2008.

One Response to “I think I went off on a tangent…”

  1. hi Jordan,

    tangents, accidents, sidetracks, and serendipity are all parts of creative practice. I guess the tricky part is staying present in the process, and deciding when and how to stere the process… I think the question you are struggling with is really up to you. What is more important to you at this stage of the project, and how committed are you to the original idea? For me, these new images are interesting, and seem more unique / original than your fist set. I don’t know it that matters to you, or how it relates / compares to your original concept…. Remember, this kind of struggle is quite natural, and all part of the process of making things (especially conceptual / aesthetic / subjective things).

    good luck,

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