trees, nets, colors?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had any comments as to how to present my project.  I’m actually pretty happy with the code and what it produces, (pseudo-random trees, or, with minor modification, trees that look more like nets), but I don’t really know about color choices, and I’m stuck on whether I should go with the images that actually look like trees, or the other, more abstract ones.  Included are a few stills of the things I’ve been playing with.



light-blue-tree.jpg night-net.jpg red-net.jpg


~ by Justine on February 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “trees, nets, colors?”

  1. Hi Justine,

    I think you are making good progress with this project, and I think the new versions are really interesting. It is difficult to make specific comments on the color… this is so personal, and it would be an elaborate discussions that would work better in person (or in the crit tommarow…) In general, I think that there are interesting aspects to all your color choices… Regarding presentation, it is really up to you. One option would be to put up multiple images, each carefully chosen for specific reasons. You could also include an applet (or two) that will let the view experience the range of images that your software can produce. We are not suggesting that you need to make a singular ‘master work’. This course (and much of digital / new media practice) is about process and possibilities, as apposed to the ‘artifact’.

    cheers –

  2. Justine!
    I told you in class that I really liked the original design and color-I DO, however, think that there is great benefit in having a few other permutations as well. I really like the darker blue screen image in particular, because it takes up the whole screen without taking up the whole screen. . .did that make sense? They are both equally visually engaging to my eye.
    That wasn’t much help. . .

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