Hello everyone.

I was wondering if people could spare a moment and check if my project works with different browseres, how easy it is to break, and so on. Please ignore that it is not very pretty like yet, I wanted to make sure it worked before I started playing with colors and fonts.




~ by Tonje on March 11, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    It might be helpful if you give us a bit of description / instruction (?). I didn’t look at your code, but I think it is not working right. Maybe your classes aren’t loading or being properly called ?? Did you test it in a browser? There is no evidence of user interaction that I can see, at least not right on the surface. I can type in the text box, but I don’t see what it does? I am on a mac, running safari and firefox.

    good luck,

  2. Hmm, it does run in firefox for me, but I’ll play around with it more. Thanks

  3. I guess I’m not really sure what’s supposed to be happening. On my browser, the text bounces around and the button changes color if I move the mouse over it or click on it, but otherwise the applet doesn’t seem to be taking any user input. Could you clarify what we should be seeing?

  4. I’m seeing the same thing as Justine. But, if that’s what it is supposed to do, then it works in Firefox on my Dell laptop running Windows XP.

  5. Mm.. Sounds like it is working.. I’ll play around and make it more obvious what is happening. Thanks guys

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