Hey All,
Sorry about missing critiques Thursday, I was really sick, but i got to look at each one individually and here’s what i thought on each:

Ilana: The colors seem to fit the title well. I didn’t notice until later that the color changes when you press down on the mouse. I do like the fact that you stuck with the circles only being able to draw on the upper half because it does resemble a pollution-like look. Without the title i wouldn’t have known why you chose to do it this way. It would’ve looked more like pollution if maybe you had used bright, clear, pollutant-free world like colors at first (have the circles be blue or white to resemble clouds and sky, with a green field instead of yellow and a blue background) then when the user presses down on it, the colors change to the ones you have currently.

Eli: Your mouse sketch was great, although i wasn’t really fond of the growing circles. I really wish i could have stopped it at one point so that eye-balls (as i call them) were visible. The downward moving circle at first i thought influenced the eyeball showing on the screen but i later realized it didn’t. Overall it was nice because it left the user clueless at first thinking that some object influenced another and that you had more control over the piece than you actually had programmed it to be. i loved your second piece, because it reminded me of those pop ups that people pre-program onto their websites to get the user to click through the 200 some odd messages until they can actually have access to the website. They tick me off when im in a rush to do something but most of the time i read them because they’re amusing. Yours was very amusing =) Although i had to look at your source code to reread the message because it went a little too fast for me.

Jordon: Ill have to get back with yours when i get to a school desktop

Thea: Ill have to admit, yours was very confusing and it took me a while to figure out the pattern in it, cause im usually a pattern seeker when looking at art.  So i imagine that theres a middle ring that randomly works its way left at all times and theres another one that mimic it at the spot your mouse is in. Its a good attention grabber, this piece, esp for people like me because i tend to try to figure out how this piece is actually working. Really wierd yet interesting piece though. I liked your final version a lot. The mouse let the user choose the angle and the length of this “flower” as i called it. Its neat to look at when you let go of the mouse because it gives this flower the impression that its sucking things into it. It also gives it somewhat of a hypnotic, slow-motion like effect. Neat piece =)

Stephanie: Your piece is interesting as well. I think your pattern on this is that the piece works its way up the color char based on color number then from each color it quickly decreases to white (255 i think) and once thats hit it works on another color. Its great in the sense that it makes the person try to think how the piece is trying to work, or what sort of pattern its going through. And i also didnt find out until after that pressing different keys result in different shapes. This is def. Rave party material. I like!

Justine: Cool piece =) I kind of understand where you’re trying to go with it. From what i understand, the little red dot and the background symbolizes a normal, sin-free life, so to speak, where those words that you’ve added onto the piece have little effect, but once the dot is influenced by these (and the dot can symbolize a person) then life is never the same. There almost seems like there should be a turning back point…because if i connect this to what a person undergoes, people can choose to “mend what they broke”. Maybe a second mouse click could’ve changed it back to how it was originally. Pretty nice piece though =)

Diana: I love your piece! You always make great game-like things when you program. I knew from the start the pattern you’ve implemented. It reminded me of that “fish” flash game where the fish starts out small and grows larger as it eats fish smaller than it. But this quick realization didnt stop me from continuing to play with the piece. I wanted to create and destroy as many of those blue circles as i could to try to fill up the page with its “remnants” but i clicked too fast and they all just popped and disappeared ='(

Nikki: I gotta admit, your newspaper piece brought back ideas of the “devil horns, mustache and beard”. Its a wonderful idea and very original! I would’ve never thought or something like that. It definitely brings out the kid in anyone that interacts with it. I love it! this would make a great desktop vista or Google widget. Your interactive project was neat too, it gives the user the feeling it could draw just about anything, but at the same time its limited because the lines aren’t perfectly curved and you’re limited by the colors of the line. But it does give it the impression that you’re connecting the numbers and a picture is made as a result.

Samantha: It took me a while to figure out what yours was doing. The circles appear as you click and drag the mouse, and the closer the mouse gets to the top left the larger the circles appear. I did like how as you press and drag, the circles seem like they get caught in this whirlpool and get sucked in. The effect is nice, but it would’ve been nice to have the circles be a different color. When playing with this, it was difficult to determine if i had made circles appear or not because it was hard to distinguish them from the squares. I liked it though, the whirlpool effect was nice.

Shae: Yours was an interesting game. At first, because of the configuration of the cards, i thought i was supposed to match two people together because it did seem that there were two cards for every one person, and i completely missed the names. After playing with it some more i realized i had to match the images with names, or their descriptions, and click again to finalize it and if it disappeared then i knew i got it right. With that i managed to finish one game however, i did run into some problems; sometimes it would freeze up and id have to start over. But no matter, it was an interesting game, very similar to the game where you flip two cards and see if they match.

Tonje: I really liked yours. I admit, at first i didnt read the instructions and started tapping keys furiously not knowing how i was supposed to interact with it. Later i had misunderstood and though emotions meant an input such as “:)” or “:(” but when i got no response i tried words like “happy” and “sad” and felt a little accomplished at figuring out the piece. Its interesting because not all emotions are preprogrammed (even though your source code seems to say otherwise) so the user needs to play trial and error to figure out which emotions are programmed in.

Marissa: Your fireflies piece was very pretty to look at. Although it did say to “simply observe” I couldnt help but press and hold down my mouse key and quickly drag it horizontally to the right thinking that the fireflies would move faster. I was hoping something spontaneous would happen like a ghost would fly by or a loud scream would happen…kind of like they do in those spoof vids where they make you find waldo or something and after about 20 seconds of staring you get an ugly face on the screen and a loud scream…so i turned my speakers down just in case…but nothing happened =(.. it would’ve been SOOO funny had you done that. I would’ve cracked up to see the prof’s faces lol  😛

Sarah:  Ill have to get back with yours when i get to a school desktop


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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback. However, what is the difference between this entry titled “Critiques” and the previous entry titled “Written Critiques”?

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