What to do?

I was thinking about what I could do for this project and this is what I came up with:

1. I would like to convert sound into an image. I was thinking of using the number from the sound directly as colors for the image. I don’t know how easy it would be to get these numbers of if they would need to be tweeked to do what I want then too but I’m willing to try.

2. I would like to make a collage of annoying/angry sounds so that when played together they create a piece that is plesant to listen to.

3. I would like to explore what sounds sound like through different mediums, ie wood, water, metals and put them together in some sort of fashion. I haven’t really thought this one though to much.

4. Last but not least I would like to create a game. The user would control a shape, a pink square, and try to collide with other shapes that are falling from the top of the screen. Shapes will be different colors and sizes. When the user collides with a shape a sound will be played. The duration of the sound will depend on the size of the shape. The type of sound will depend on the color. If the user collides with many objects in a short amount of time there will be overlapping of sounds. I want the experience to be recorded so the user can play back what they just did. I would also like to have a sound play when the mouse isn’t moving. It will get higher and higher in pitch until the mouse moves again. Then it will lower over time. This will also be recorded.



~ by Diana on March 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “What to do?”

  1. Interesting ideas… these and many more will be discussed in class….

    A couple of quick thoughts, by the idea numbers.

    1. what are / might be the perceptual correlates between sound and image? what ‘ numbers ‘ are you thinking of? The actual sample data ? If so, then why? Is this conceptual, aesthetic, both??

    2. How would you do this? wont annoying + annoying = more annoying?

    3. interesting… This sort of alludes to physical modeling. Not easy to do, but it could be a unique direction.

    4. another interesting idea… maybe you could focus on the audio development for this project, and then add the game / visual design to make it your final project?

    For any of you reading in, this might be a useful strategy. If you are thinking of a final project that includes a complex sound and image design, maybe you could develop the sound environment for this project, and then expand the sound-image design for you final??

  2. wow. that’s a great idea

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