Max MSP Versions

Hi, just wondering, are older versions of Max MSP (their patches and all) compatible with newer versions of max MSP?

My computer just won’t load 4.6.3 for some reason so i have to resort to 4.5. If i make a patch on 4.5 will it run on 4.6.3?



~ by christineg on April 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Max MSP Versions”

  1. Hello,

    Technically, it is possible to open files made in older versions. In general, this leads to problems since there are differences between the various versions. What do you mean “My computer just won’t load 4.6.3 for some reason” ? It wont install or it wont run or something else? It might be best to work this out, as it should be fine if your machine and os meet the requirements for the application. You could also use the current version, which is installed in our classroom / lab.

    good luck,

  2. Well i click on max to load but the splash title or the software itself never appears on my screen. When i press CTRL+ALT+Delete i can see that its in one of the tasks loading but i’ve let my computer sit there for about 10 min and still nothing shows up. =/

  3. What os are you running? How much memory do you have? How much free disk space?

    If this is on your laptop we can setup a time to meet and I might be able to help you get the install working.

  4. Try making the changes suggested here:

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