MAX problems

My lines go everywhere! how do I erase them without having to do the template over and over again?


~ by Ilana Alazzeh on April 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “MAX problems”

  1. Hello,

    Not too sure what exactly you are asking… What is a template? Deleting patch cords just requires selecting them and then hitting the delete key. You can align patch cords by selecting them and then selecting ‘align’ from the object menu. You can also hide patch cords on lock by selecting them (option drag) and then select ‘hide on lock’ (command K for a short cut). You can also cut and paste objects and their patch cords into a new patcher. This is called encapsulation, and it cleans things up a lot.

    I hope this helps, and we can review it in class.


  2. Yeah i hate that…you accidentally click one of the outputs from a function and try to get rid of the line but you cant. The only way you can is to just temporarily connect it to some other input function then delete it once its connected…..SO annoying though =/

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