Some maxMSP

So im working on my project and i wanted to be able to loop small music files together. I got that part ok, but now i want to be able to know how to delay some of the files. Like i want to have some files start later on and some loop with some sort of delay in between. Is there anyway of going about this? I’m using groove~ and wave~ and im uploading files directly into the buffer~.

Also i forget the name of that artist we listened to in class. I remember Eitan saying he’s in a bunch of other songs and such. It was like an indian-like music. I could’ve sworn i’ve heard his voice in a song (that i actually have) but im not sure if its the same guy. The songs name is Mundain to Bach Ke (MoonBootica Mix) by Panjabi MC. If you’re interested in listening to the song let me know and ill upload it somewhere.



~ by christineg on April 5, 2008.

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  1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

  2. And the answer to your first question how to delay a loop:

    There is an object called delay that delays a bang (which you could use to trigger your loop)

    There is an object called delay~ that delays a signal (so you could start the loop playing and have its signal delayed).

    If you look at the documentation (or help files) for these object they mention other related object too.

  3. Hello,

    Just adding a bit to this… delay (no tilde~) would be fine, and there are several other timing related objects. Please take a look at max tutorial #31 / using timers for more info. The summary is:

    “When clocker is turned on it sends out the elapsed time at regular intervals. The time value can be mapped to other ranges to make them depend on the passing of time. The counter keeps track of how many bang messages it has received and sends out the count. The count can be restricted to a specific range, and the bang messages can be supplied repeatedly by a metro to increment and/or decrement the counter at a specific speed. This is another way of creating a particular progression of numbers over time. The line object is a third way of generating a linear progression of numbers. line outputs numbers in a ramp from some starting value to some ending value, arriving at the new value in a specific amount of time”.

  4. cool thanks,
    Ill take a look at it
    I got a pretty good background beat that i finally managed to get through a combination of stuff so now i want to add in voices and such (ive got a bunch of them) but i want them running at different times on that song. I’m going to make a collage of George W. Bush sayings =P

  5. Good luck 🙂

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