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Hey all-

Does anyone know how we should submit our source code for this project? Should we just link it as a text file to the web page where we include our sound clips? Probably Tomas/Eitan will respond to this, but I fgured if I asked it here, then we wouldn’t all ask the same question a million times. 🙂



~ by Jordan on April 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “Source code”

  1. hmmm…id just make a folder in your directory and put everything that has to do with your project in it. At least thats what im doing.

  2. Well, I just tested putting a folder up, and it seems like this wont work(?). When I try to get the directory from a browser, I get an access error like ‘You don’t have permission to access /course/csc106/ on this server. I made the folder read / write all, but there may be some server access issue that I am not aware of… I would say to link it as a text file, but that will be pretty messy if you have several subpatchs or required audio files. I did get it to work by compressing the whole folder as a zip file, which I was able to upload and then download. Eitan, and thoughts on this?

  3. Mine seems to work, here is my index for the 106 page:

    Theres a folder called “beats and music” which has all my music files and the MAX MSP stuff (the reel-image files). I dont have MAX MSP on my computer so if anyone wants to check on this and see if they properly download let me know. thanks.

  4. Hello,

    Christine, this is working, sort of…. I can see the directory, but I think this wont be the case on the sophia server. I think maven must be set up differently. Also, since you have so many files, could you please compress the entire folder into a zip (or similar file) and upload that onto your web site? I will also follow up with Eitan about all this today.


  5. Thomas and I discussed it and we think the was to go is to create a zip with all your patches, externals, sound files, and any other dependancies.

    1. Put all the related files in a folder.
    2. Zip up the folder.
    MAC – right click on the folder and choose “compress”
    WIN – right click on the folder, choose “Sent To” and then “Compressed (zipped) folder”
    3. Upload the zip and create a link to it from your class web page.

  6. This is helpful. Thanks Eitan.

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