Ilana – your design with the star of david constructed out of words was really effective – it is delicate and you can see how it is constructed – the words become scaffolding.  it looks like it could fall apart at any moment – still it’s the only fixed part of your project. everything else is moving. i think the words could have moved more fluidly and maybe a little faster. i think this is the best thing you’ve done yet! also, as someone who loves words, i’m really glad you were inspired by heavyindustries.

it’s always a bold move to put your raw emotions out there for other people to see – great work.

Jordan – this was a  really interesting concept that seems worth continuing.  your collaborator has a beautiful voice. i wished there could have been even more tweaking – i think the song could have become so much more. somewhere in the middle there were a few notes that you had manipulated sounding almost like guitar strings – this was disjointed in a very effective way.  overall, i really enjoyed it.

Thea – Based on the video documentation, I think you did a nice job of linking your passion for installation with the success of your recent sound project.  The work comes off as a quasi-frog.  It gives me the feeling that it is in the wrong place.  And then I start to question place, thinking about man-made ‘nature’ places like parks and zoos.  the work up against the white paint of the staircase gives a very specific kind of glow, like coming upon some  radioactive trash. But closer inspection makes the project much clearer.  It would be interesting to see the work in a more natural setting and see it moving (solar powered?)  Overall, I really liked it.

Stephanie – I gotta say, I’m not sure what was going on in your project.  I thought it seemed like a fresh concept and something I haven’t seen before and I liked that.  But the message wasn’t clear enough.  After reading your proposal, I got a better idea and started to get excited about it.  A map of the world with sound spots would have been great! Maybe I wasn’t getting the sound on my computer?  I wonder what the sound would have sounded like.. this is worth continuing and thinking through.

Christine – Your idea is clear to me.  Sounded like you were having some trouble with the project – at the last minute it stopped working?  Each object makes one motion for me.  Day changed to night. the flower lost a few petals, and the watering bucket gave water.  I think you maybe planned for more to happen but I’m not sure.  I like the clean-cut shapes and the game environment.  But the project feels unfinished.

Nikki and Justine – I really enjoyed your project. It was fun to watch and did a great job of integrating drawn elements into the video.  I liked how you sprung from Nikki’s newspaper project to expand into a real time environment.

Samantha – I like Chuck Close too.  I thought the image 1 and 2 were the most successful because they were  so different.  the first was more obviously a chuck close and the second allowed the viewer to create their own chuck close.  Was this a critique of Chuck Close’s grid system?  As in, anyone can make a Chuck Close if they adhere to this easy step by step recipe?

Shae – Thought this was really successful in every aspect – the timing, color scheme, composition etc.  Only thing I didn’t understand was the title.  Fun to watch and think about.

Marissa – Don’t know much about music but I really liked how your work evolved from the original. Very interesting transition.  It has a distinct rhythm but enough freedom exists within that rhythm for my thoughts to wander.  These were soothing sounds.  Was this intentional?  Was the original something you created from scratch?


~ by eli on May 7, 2008.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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