Guitar Hero!

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If anyone needs a study break, we’re playing Guitar Hero in McConnell 1034 tonight starting NOW! Come join us!



Workshop/ Show

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I know this happened oh so long ago but if you didn’t go this is what I thought of it.

The first half of the performance was purely music and I must say it is an acquired taste. I believe I liked the music more because I am taking the class; repeated exposer helps tune my ears. I also liked that the room was dark. I was able to close my eyes and really focus on what was going on. At times I found the sounds a little harsh but that added to the experience. I also thought the sitar was kewl. I liked the sounds it made. It was also interesting to see Thomas use more that his guitar.


The second half of the performance was two dance pieces. There were many different elements to this part of the performance. The one that intrigued me the most was the ice. There was an instrument that involved rocks that were in a sheet of ice. As the ice melted the rocks would fall out and hit different things inside of it. This was amazing and during the performance the ice cracked in two and made a tremendous crash. It was absolutely moving.


Before the performance there was a workshop. At the workshop we talked about art and machine and if the machine was creating the art or if it was a new instrument. From the aspect of a new instrument it is revolutionary in a way that the artist first has to make their instrument and then teach themselves how to play it. We also looked at other pieces the tow artist had done and some of the programs they use to create their art. What interested me the most was the alphabet that was created out of motion. Each letter was represented by a digitized movement. Each letter was represented and when put together looked like text. I really like the idea that letters could be more than writing.


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Hey all! I’m in McConnell 104 playing with my sound project (which, predictably, has changed radically from what I originally intended). Come play!


sensor glove (guess who is using them…)

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read this

Need to Meet?

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If anyone wants to meet to discuss their final projects (either technical or conceptual issues) I’m available monday/wednesday morning (after 10:30) and Tuesday/Thursday after class.  Email me to set up an appointment (if you can’t make those times email me and we can probably schedule a different time).

Thomas also has time available (as he posted yesterday).


Hey Seniors!

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Anyone looking for a job in the Boston area

Looks like this class could really pay off! 🙂

What was that piece?

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What was the name (and artists) of that piece we saw in class on Thursday?  It was the one that had four parts of video and it started out with the “I Am” one.

I thought it was pretty great, but I can’t remember what it was called.